In 15 Minutes You Will Discover Careers You Would Love

The secret to having an awesome career
lies in matching your personality style with
careers you would love!

MyCareerMatch helps you connect the two. Your personalised career report is packed with cool things about yourself and it's emailed to you within minutes of finishing the questionnaire.

How to complete the questionnaire


This is not a test. Don't over analyse your answers,
your first reaction is the best.


There’s 32 groups of questions. Each group consists of four statements and
you select one that’s MOST like you and one that’s LEAST like you.

 Just like this example:

Before starting you’ll need a code which your teacher or career adviser will
provide. Just enter the code after you’ve finished and you’re done!

Once you start don't use the "back" button on your browser
to return to the previous page.