Classroom Activities

Here's a bunch of great activities you can do with students before and after they receive their report

This 'Powerpoint Classroom Presentation' is a must view with students before they start. It takes them step by step how to use MyCareerMatch

View Powerpoint Presentation


This workbook is a great class activity once students have their report. It's designed to help students reinforce the connection between their personality styles and careers that match.

Download Student Workbook: PDF | Word

This map gives Careers Advisers an overview of the 16 personality styles, their key behavioural characteristics and careers that match these qualities. (Each report includes a career map).

Career Personality Map
DPSA Personality Styles

This is a nice way for students to start a conversation with parents and family about their careers. Students complete the family tree to see what everyone has done.

Family Career Chart

Students select the dominant style from their report to find out how to write a winning resume.

Driver Resume Guide
Promoter Resume Guide
Supporter Resume Guide
Analyser Resume Guide

Students select the dominant style from their report to find out how to best prepare for a job interview.

Driver Interview Tips
Promoter Interview Tips
Supporter Interview Tips
Analyser Interview Tips

Awesome sites to help students explore everything about careers.



Designed to help parents, teachers and counsellors engage with students of different personality styles. Select the students dominant style and download a PDF to discover how to create a positive environment at home or school. 

Driver Parent Teacher Guide
Promoter Parent Teacher Guide
Supporter Parent Teacher Guide
Analyser Parent Teacher Guide

'Making Happy Careers' is a chatty resource with lots of career, resume and self-development articles. (Topics can be used as course lessons).

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